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Real Videos!

Yes, your cameras will look this GOOD!
4mp Hikvision Dome camera with IR. See the difference between night and day.

Video Surveillance Demos- zoom, thermal, and WDR

InfraRed Camera
Infrared cameras make seeing in complete dark possible. The picture will be displayed black and white when using this technology. 
Video Analytics
Video Analytics can be used to search for object based items versus people a breeze. 
License Plate Recognition
​​​Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology improves a camera's image quality under high-contrast lighting conditions where both dimly and brightly lit areas are present in the field of view. It enables the camera to capture details clearly in both the poorly and strongly illuminated areas of the video.

We have many end to end LPR solutions. The easiet is working against an internal database of employee license plates.